• Turkish Meat Dumplings
    Definition of

  • Mini Pide with Kayseri Cheese,
    for those with refined taste

  • Mini Pide with Minced Meat,
    a taste that
    defies limits

  • The crispy taste of
    Nefİsta Mille Feuille

Mini Lahmacun: another first by Nefista!

Another “just right” taste, now ready in 3 minutes!


Where is the Nefista Caravan?

Nefista Caravan continues to spread joy and taste! We participated to the Crystal Apple Festival that took place at Uniq Istanbul on October 5-7. We presented Nefista to our guests with the “Creativity makes you crave!” slogan. Festival attendees ran to our Nefista Caravan following a variety of training seminars and panels focused on various market segments, and truly enjoyed the crunch taste of our product range.